5 Florida Restaurants That Serve the Best Fried Chicken!


Cybersecdn- You can get some of the best fried chicken in Florida, from traditional recipes to creative twists. Five eateries stand out for their delectable food. If you’re looking for the best-fried chicken in town, you should visit one of these five spots.

Florida’s Finest Fried Chicken Spots Offer Delicious Options

1. King Fried Chicken

Located at 2216 34th Street South in St. Petersburg, King Fried Chicken has been a neighborhood favorite for years thanks to its irresistibly wonderful fried chicken that is both crispy and savory.

2. Dixie Fried Chicken

Another great option is Dixie Fried Chicken in Belle Glade, which is situated at 133 Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. W. The crunchy outside layer gives way to juicy, savory flesh inside their mouth-watering fried chicken, making for a dish that will have consumers coming back for more! People just can’t get enough of the way the flavors come together!

3. Chicken and Waffle at Kinfolk and More

5 Florida Restaurants

If you’re looking for a memorable meal in Fort Pierce, go no farther than Kinfolk and More. Their chicken and waffles are the perfect combination of flavors and textures. Customers in search of a unique spin on classic fried chicken won’t be disappointed at their 7319 Indrio Road, Suite 5 location.

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4. Chik’N Jones

At 1601 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, you’ll find Chik’N Jones, a restaurant known for its excellent fried chicken and wonderfully matched sides. Experience this gastronomic treasure—you won’t regret it.

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5. Loyd Have Mercy

Fried chicken lovers must visit Loyd Have Mercy of Titusville at 3434 S Washington Avenue. Lloyd Have Mercy nailed the art of frying chicken; their flavorful bite-size pieces burst with deliciousness!

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