5-Year-Old Twins from New York City Found Sick and Foaming at Mouth, Died from Suffocation!


CybersecdnThe tragic deaths of two 5-year-old twins in New York City have been confirmed as homicides by the city Medical Examiner’s Office. Initially thought to be a result of a medical emergency, autopsy results revealed that the siblings, George and Gianna Katanka, were smothered to death in their Bronx apartment in December 2023.

Emergency responders discovered the twins, who were described as “special needs” children, on the living room floor of their apartment in Mount Hope. Despite efforts to revive them, they succumbed to their injuries.

Authorities had initially speculated that the deaths were the result of a medical tragedy, as the twins had been ailing and stayed home from school that day. The boy had been ill for up to two weeks with cold symptoms, while his sister had been suffering from an ear infection and exhibiting unusual behavior, including vomiting and irrational actions. Their mother, who was described as deeply distraught, had to be hospitalized for observation following the incident.

5-Year-Old Twins from New York City Found Sick and Foaming at Mouth

Law enforcement sources revealed that the twins’ father, who was at work at the time, rushed home upon hearing the news. The family was well-known in their neighborhood, with neighbors describing the mother as a doting parent who rarely let the children out of her sight. Despite the tragic circumstances, no arrests have been made in connection with the twins’ deaths as of yet.

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This heartbreaking incident has shocked the community and raised concerns about the safety and well-being of vulnerable children. As authorities continue to investigate, the focus remains on seeking justice for George and Gianna Katanka and ensuring the protection of children in similar circumstances.

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