A Chilmark man was charged on Sunday with stabbings in Plymouth; there is a “likely” link to the attacks in Braintree


“I believe their fear is that they might simply go to a movie on a Saturday night, and this could occur — someone could simply stroll into a theater and carry out this action,” Dembowski stated.

The four girls’ attacks were a part of a tumultuous Saturday night in the area, according to authorities, who also stated that a guy from Chilmark stabbed two McDonald’s employees in Plymouth before crashing his Porsche and attempting to escape Sandwich State Police.

According to Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz, authorities have detained 26-year-old Jared Ravizza, who is accused of a number of offenses related to the restaurant attack, including assault with the intent to kill. Ravizza is scheduled to be arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Tuesday.

Both Braintree and State police have stated that there seems to be a connection between the crimes in Braintree and Plymouth. Two law enforcement sources who were briefed on the inquiry confirmed to the Globe on Sunday that Ravizza is being looked into for the theater attack.

According to documents in Edgartown District Court, Ravizza was previously taken into custody by West Tisbury police on Martha’s Vineyard in April after he allegedly beat his father. He was charged with assault and violence on a family or household member as well as vandalism.

Ravizza’s father informed authorities in a police complaint that is on file with the court that his son “had just had a mental break and attacked him” inside their house. The father also sustained bruises on his wrist, thumb, and cheek. According to the complaint, Ravizza also destroyed his father’s home office.

After being transported to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a mental health assessment, the report stated that Ravizza “did not meet their standards to be held.” Pretrial diversion was applied to the Edgartown case, and a session is set for November, according court records.

The stabbing incidents were still being investigated as of Sunday, but there was no indication that Ravizza was acquainted with any of the suspected victims. According to authorities, there was a salary disagreement in Plymouth before the attack happened.

Dembowski admitted to not knowing who or why attacked her daughters and their friend at the Braintree theater when speaking with a pool reporter on Sunday.

“I’m hoping he receives what he is due. As a counselor, I mean, I know a thing or two about mental health. Dembowski stated, “It seems like a pretty sick person to harm children.”

Dembowski stated that one of her daughters received a wound to the top of her chest, another to her back, and the third twin sustained a cut across her arm. She claimed that her 17-year-old had to phone the police since AMC staff would not believe the girls when they claimed to have been stabbed.

A reporter was referred to an AMC media hotline on Sunday by a theater employee. Requests for comments were not answered by the company.

“Due to the nature of the wounds,” the girls were brought to Boston Medical Center, according to the girl.

Dembowski expressed her pride on her oldest daughter’s composure in the face of the abuse.

Dembowski remarked, “I give her a ton of credit, because in my mind, her and her friend kept the two little ones completely calm.”

“They were so empathetic and so kind,” Dembowski added, praising the efforts of the police and emergency medical technicians who arrived at the site after the attack. She added that the four girls’ treatment by hospital staff members contributed to their composure.

She’s still upset that her kids and their buddy ended up in harm’s way.

“Taking their children anywhere or letting them go anywhere without them sickens parents,” the woman remarked.

According to investigators, the attacker left the Braintree scene in a black SUV.

An hour later, at around 7 p.m., two employees of the McDonald’s at the Route 3 rest area in Plymouth were reported to have been stabbed by various 911 calls, according to Plymouth police. Cruz stated that both workers required hospitalization due to cuts from knives.

After looking through the restaurant’s security footage, investigators concluded that Ravizza seemed to “allegedly reach through the drive-thru window and stab the male victim with a large knife,” according to the statement.

A Sunday request for comment from McDonald’s was not answered.

Cruz claims that Ravizza drove an SUV out of the McDonald’s drive-thru, parked it, went inside, and stabbed the victim. After that, he went back to his car and left the area.

Cruz’s statement stated that Ravizza’s black 2018 Porsche Macan was found to be registered to him after a witness at the McDonald’s reported the license plate registration to the Massachusetts State Police.

Ravizza refused to stop when State Police attempted to pull over his Porsche, and the car crashed shortly after, according to authorities.

According to Sandwich Police Chief Jason Keene, he was taken into custody by State Police and local police at approximately 7:15 p.m. on Cotuit Road close to the intersection of Asa Meiggs Road. Cruz claims that Ravizza was brought to South Shore Hospital to receive treatment for non-life-threatening wounds. On Sunday, Ravizza stayed at the hospital.

Additionally, according to Cruz’s statement, Massachusetts officials have learned that Ravizza’s detention was the subject of an alert sent to law enforcement for “other incidents.”

On Saturday, Connecticut State Police reported a fatal stabbing incident that resulted in the arrest of a suspect by Massachusetts State Police. Whether Ravizza was a suspect in that case has not been confirmed by Connecticut or Massachusetts authorities.

After police responded to a report of a disturbance at “an address” in Deep River, Connecticut, at 3:36 p.m. on Saturday, the victim of the stabbing in Connecticut was discovered dead, according to Connecticut State Police.

On Sunday, the victim’s identity remained unknown.

In a brief statement, Connecticut State Police stated, “A suspect in this investigation has been taken into custody in the State of Massachusetts and there is no active threat to the public.” They sent further inquiries on any affiliation with the Massachusetts State Police.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police declined to confirm any link between Ravizza and the death that occurred in Connecticut on Sunday.

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