A Woman from Georgia Was Permitted to Return to US Pending Trial for Suspected Conspiracy to Murder Her Husband!


cybersecdn- A judge in the Bahamas let a woman from Georgia come back to the United States while she waits for her trial. She is accused of planning to kill her husband with two other people there.

Lindsay Shiver was arrested over the summer and released on bail in August. However, she had to stay in the Bahamas because of the terms of her bond, which included a curfew and an electronic tracking device.

Owen Wells, Shiver’s lawyer, said in a statement, “Lindsay is glad the court agreed to let her return to the U.S. so she can see her children.” “Her lawyers will keep getting ready for trial, and we’re excited to defend Lindsay strongly because she is innocent.”

Wells has said before that her trial should start in early March. She will be able to stay in the US until her hearing starts. Two people from the Bahamas are accused of working with Shiver to kill her husband, Robert Shiver, who is an insurance executive and used to play football for Auburn University.

A Woman from Georgia Was Permitted to Return to The US

In April, he asked for a divorce and said that his wife’s “adulterous conduct” was the reason, claimed. reported that Lindsay Shiver then asked for a divorce the next day.

In a Bahamian court earlier this month, she said she was not guilty of the claimed plot. Her accused partners were also caught and are now being charged with plotting to kill her. Also, earlier this year, they were freed on bail.

The prosecutors say that the suspects planned to kill the husband together in July while they were on the Abaco Islands.

However, the plan was thwarted by using important data on a phone that was found during a different criminal investigation into a business break-in, a Bahamian police source told in the summer. At the time, a source said that written notes found on the phone showed that the evil plan existed.

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