Anna Coulter Attacks the Pro-Life Movement After Texas’s Decision Against Abortion!


A supporter of abortion rights just showed up from the most unlikely place: Ann Coulter’s keys. On Tuesday, the conservative commentator went on X to back Kate Cox, the woman whose failed attempt to get an abortion in Texas made national news this month, and to berate the politics that kept her from getting the procedure.

“The pro-life movement has changed from caring about the child to being mean to the mother and child,” Coulter wrote on Twitter. “Having trisomy 18 is not a condition that can be lived with.”

The Cleveland Clinic says that Cox started looking for an abortion after she learned that her unborn child had trisomy 18. This is a genetic condition that is always fatal and results in a miscarriage or death.

For the Dallas Morning News on December 6, Cox wrote, “I am a Texan.” She is a working mom of two. “Why should any woman, including me, have to drive or fly hundreds of miles to make our own decisions about our futures and what we think is best for our families and ourselves?”

Monday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a ruling from a lower court that would have let Cox get an abortion under the state’s “medical emergency” rule. But she had already left the state by that time because her lawyers told her she “couldn’t wait any longer” to get the process.

Coulter has been showing the tiniest bit of a blue streak this year. In 2007, she brought up the idea of taking away women’s right to vote, and she usually seems to enjoy raging against “wokeness” and feminism.

She told Republicans in April to stop trying to pass strict abortion bans, writing that there would “be no Republicans left” if they didn’t stop. But she didn’t stop there—she also showed her support: “Human rights supporters, WE WON!”

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