Arizona’s Democratic Governor Wants to Veto a Bill that Would Give People Who Break the Law Civil Protection!


CybersecdnGov. Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) is going to veto a bill that Republican lawmakers passed on Wednesday that would make it illegal to come to Arizona illegally.

Republican state Sen. Janae Shamp put forward the Arizona Border Invasion Act, which was passed by the Senate with 16 votes. If someone crossed Arizona’s border illegally, the bill would make it a crime in the state. It would also protect government workers by giving them personal immunity for following the law.

He told the Center Square, “Well, I think it’s going to put the focus back where it needs to be with the states.” Along party lines, Senate Bill 1231 passed. However, Hobbs, who has a history of vetoing Republican-sponsored bills, said she plans to also reject the bill.

“From day one, Governor Hobbs has taken strong action to secure our border. He is also fighting for more money to fight the fentanyl epidemic and grow Operation SECURE,” the governor’s spokesman told the news outlet. “SB1231 goes against the Constitution, won’t keep the border safe, and will force businesses and jobs out of Arizona.” “She is not going to sign it.”

Arizona's Democratic Governor

Other Democrats who were against the bill said it was too much like SB 1070, a law that was passed in 2010 and let police charge people if they had “reasonable suspicion” that they were in the state illegally. The outlet was told by Democratic state Sen. Anna Hernandez that making people criminals isn’t the answer.

“I believe this bill is only a direct answer to criminalize.” “From what we’ve seen and from the data we have, making any policy illegal doesn’t get the results I think we’re after here,” Hernandez said. The Arizona Capitol Times reports that if Hobbs vetoes the bill, it will be one of 143 Republican bills she killed in 2023.

Shamp told the news source that she hoped the bill would be approved by the governor and allow police to implement the law.

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As of right now, Shamp said in a statement, “Law enforcement can’t do their jobs to protect our citizens from the overwhelming cases of human smuggling, child sex trafficking, rapes, murders, deadly fentanyl, high-speed chases, and other heinous acts carried out by the large number of criminals who are free to enter our country through the Arizona-Mexico border.”

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