Arrest Made After Machete Rampage Shocks Shoppers at Jersey City Mall


A shocking incident occurred at Jersey City’s Newport Centre mall where a machete was brandished, leading to the arrest of at least one person. This happened on Sunday night, and it has received a lot of attention since.

A machete was found at the scene, and police radio reports indicate that the person was apprehended close to the Newport light rail station on Washington Boulevard shortly after 5 p.m. But it was also said that “three or four” other people—possibly carrying machetes as well—were able to flee the scene.

Arrest Made After Machete Rampage Shocks Shoppers at Jersey City Mall (1)

The Jersey City police have not yet given any updated information about the potential arrest. An employee of a jewelry store in the mall saw a group of young males, one of them had a machete, according to the incident’s inquiry.

Mall officials then confirmed that the group—which included the person brandishing the machete—was only strolling around the mall and wasn’t pursuing anyone, despite the initial belief that one group was chasing another.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt in the incident. Public safety has been called into question due to the circumstances at Newport Centre Mall, and the Jersey City Police will probably keep looking into the matter to find the other parties involved and have a complete picture of what happened.

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