At a Kroger grocery store near Cincinnati, a bystander was shot during a gunfight between a suspect and police


Police claimed that on Wednesday, at a Kroger grocery store slightly outside of Cincinnati, a bystander was shot as a suspect and police exchanged gunfire.

As a result of a complaint of “shots fired,” police were called to the Kroger on Springdale Road shortly before 4 p.m. ET, according to the Colerain Police Department in Colerain Township, Ohio.

According to Colerain Township Police Chief Ed Cordie, a suspect was outside the store when police arrived on Wednesday night. Following that, “and gunfire ensued,” the suspect allegedly pointed the handgun at the officers. Then the suspect went back inside the shop.

Law enforcement finally verified that one bystander had been hurt in the gunshot confrontation between the perpetrator and police, the chief added, following a number of preliminary and inconsistent accounts from the police.

He said the suspect was also hit during the confrontation and escorted to the police station.

According to him, both the culprit and the onlooker should recover from their wounds.

After the event, the Kroger location was closed.

PIO Jim Love of the Colerain Police Department stated on Wednesday afternoon, “We’re making sure everything is processed correctly before allowing people back in.” He also mentioned that the store’s cameras would be essential to the investigation.

One of the busiest Kroger locations in the township is on Springfield Road, and Love remarked, “To have shots fired in the middle of the day here is a big deal.”

There is a current investigation.

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