Burger King Offers $1 Million Prize for Best New Whopper Idea!


Cybersecdn Burger King, the renowned fast-food chain, is inviting burger enthusiasts and aspiring chefs to participate in the Million Dollar Whopper Contest. The exciting opportunity offers a chance to win a substantial $1 million reward for the most innovative Whopper creation. This initiative, which began on February 5th, allows participants to share their culinary ingenuity by suggesting unique toppings for Burger King’s iconic flame-grilled meat patties.

To enter the contest, aspiring creators can visit BK.com/MDW or utilize the BK App to submit their Whopper concept. Participation requires the use of the free Royal Perks account for registration. Contestants can then let their creativity shine by selecting up to eight toppings for their Whopper creation.

Following the submission, participants are provided with an AI preview of their culinary masterpiece, which can be further personalized by adding an AI-generated jingle. This personalized jingle can be downloaded and shared across various social media platforms.

Burger King Is Offering $1 Million New Whopper Burger

The significance of this contest lies in Burger King’s commitment to “Having It Your Way.” As per Pat O’Toole, the Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King, more than 50% of guests customize their Whopper sandwiches. This contest amplifies the possibilities of customization, with the flame-grilled Whopper boasting over 200,000 potential combinations. Burger King embraces this contest as a true embodiment of their core philosophy.

Following the submission period, three finalists will be selected, and they will have the opportunity to refine their ideas at Burger King’s headquarters in Miami. These three unique Whoppers will then be introduced for a limited time at Burger King locations across the United States. Diners will be given the chance to sample these creations and vote for their favorite Million Dollar Whopper. The finalist with the most votes will be declared the winner of the $1 million reward.

As participants contemplate their Whopper creations, they can draw inspiration from Burger King’s history of inventive offerings. Past Whoppers include the fiery Angry Whopper, the scorching Ghost Pepper Whopper, and the indulgent Candied Bacon Whopper. Additionally, they can visit their nearest Burger King restaurant to experiment with the extensive array of toppings, exploring the 200,000 possible combinations to identify what works best and what could potentially be missing.

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Burger King’s Million Dollar Whopper Contest is a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer engagement. It invites culinary enthusiasts to become part of the creative process behind one of America’s favorite fast-food items, the Whopper. With the promise of a $1 million prize, the contest serves as an exciting opportunity for individuals to showcase their creativity and potentially leave a lasting mark on the fast-food industry.

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