Burglary Suspect’s High-Speed Chase from South GA to Alabama Grips Deputies


In a series of brazen burglaries spanning multiple counties, a Willacoochee man’s crime spree came to a dramatic end after a high-speed chase that concluded near Dothan, Alabama. Robert Rodriguez, the alleged mastermind behind a string of burglaries, is now behind bars, facing a litany of charges.

The Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office first became aware of Rodriguez’s criminal activities on December 22, 2023, when they responded to a burglary at the Dollar General in Axson. Shortly after, another distress call came in, reporting a break-in at the Axson Post Office. Deputies swiftly gathered video surveillance footage from the Dollar General, revealing a silver 2001 Honda Accord present at both crime scenes within a remarkably short timeframe.

Digging deeper, law enforcement discovered that the same vehicle had been reported stolen by the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office just two days prior on December 20. The Berrien County deputies had issued a “Be On the Lookout” (BOLO) alert, identifying Rodriguez as the suspect linked to the stolen vehicle. The connection between the stolen vehicle and the Axson burglaries was established when Rodriguez was caught on tape breaking into a business in Clinch County, using a crowbar – the same method employed in the Axson incidents.

The situation escalated on the following day when the Willacoochee Police Department reported the theft of a 2022 Dodge Flatbed truck. Deputies, already on high alert, received information that the stolen truck had been spotted in Lanier County at a liquor store. Rodriguez, allegedly armed with a crowbar, had reportedly broken into the store, swiping a bottle of liquor before attempting to flee towards Alabama.

Burglary suspect in South GA counties leads deputies on chase ending in Alabama

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A BOLO was swiftly issued for Rodriguez and the stolen Dodge truck. Law enforcement managed to catch up with the suspect outside of Cairo, Georgia, initiating a pursuit that would span several hours. Rodriguez led authorities on a high-speed chase until his vehicle was ultimately disabled near Dothan, Alabama.

The arrest marks the culmination of a multi-county crime spree that saw Rodriguez allegedly employing consistent methods of breaking and entering, particularly utilizing a crowbar to force entry. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies across Berrien, Atkinson, Clinch, Lanier, and Willacoochee were instrumental in bringing the accused burglar to justice.

Officials commend the vigilance and coordination that led to Rodriguez’s capture, emphasizing the importance of inter-agency communication in swiftly addressing cross-county criminal activities. Rodriguez now faces a series of charges related to the burglaries, stolen vehicles, and the high-speed chase, underscoring the severity of his alleged criminal endeavors.

As the legal proceedings unfold, communities affected by Rodriguez’s spree can find solace in the swift and effective response by law enforcement, illustrating a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents across counties in Georgia and Alabama. The arrest serves as a testament to the dedication of law enforcement in tirelessly pursuing those who pose a threat to the well-being of the communities they serve.

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