Campus Alert: UNC Charlotte Confronts Active Shooter Situation!


Cybersecdn The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department swiftly responded to a distressing report of an active shooter at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s College of Education building. The incident, which occurred around noon, prompted a significant law enforcement presence, including over 10 police vehicles and aerial support, to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

Social media was abuzz with accounts from students who claimed to have heard gunshots at the campus center, leading to an immediate lockdown of several buildings. The police’s prompt action facilitated the evacuation of the COED and ensured the security of adjacent facilities like UREC and the Student Union.

UNC Charlotte Confronts Active Shooter Situation

After a thorough examination, authorities declared the area safe, finding no evidence of an active shooter. The incident brought back memories of the tragic events of April 2019, when a former student opened fire in a classroom, resulting in casualties and injuries. This history heightened the sense of urgency and caution among the campus community.

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Despite the false alarm, the impact on the campus was palpable, with some educators opting to cancel classes for the day. The university’s administration continues to prioritize safety, advising students to remain vigilant and stay informed about campus developments.

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