Car-Driving Li Squatters Trick Judge by Putting a Dead Homeowner’s Name on Lease: Court Documents!


CybersecdnA shocking case of alleged squatting in Long Island has captured attention as a couple, Denton Gayle and Margaret Grover, reportedly deceived a judge by presenting a forged lease with the deceased owner’s signature. According to court filings by concerned neighbors, the pair, who drove a Porsche, claimed to have rented 39 Brussel Dr., New Hyde Park, from owner Edward Iacono on June 1 for $1,500 a month. However, investigations revealed that Edward Iacono Sr., the purported landlord, had passed away in 2016, and the property had been in foreclosure since 2013, remaining vacant for almost a decade.

Gayle and Grover, accompanied by their infant son and pit bull, alleged in court that they were unlawfully removed from the property after commencing renovations. Despite the house being uninhabitable, with no heat, electricity, or functioning bathrooms, the judge granted their request to return based on the presented lease. Following their reinstatement in January, further disturbances arose, with Gayle facing legal repercussions for unrelated offenses involving his Porsche.

Car-driving LI squatters trick judge by putting a dead


Neighbors expressed fear and frustration, claiming intimidation tactics from Gayle and Grover. Despite their efforts to seek assistance from authorities, including town officials, no resolution has been reached. While the Town of North Hempstead disclaimed responsibility, stating the matter rests between the estate, the bank, and the squatters, neighbors continue to grapple with the situation’s uncertainty.

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Attorney William Igbokwe, representing Gayle and Grover, denied any fraudulent activity, asserting his clients leased the property in good faith. Nevertheless, the authenticity of the lease remains disputed, leaving the community in distress over their safety and property rights.

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