Car Insurance Premiums Are Rising in California While Many People Others Struggle to Get Insured!


SACRAMENTO – Californians who drive cars pay a lot more for insurance, and a lot of them have trouble even getting insurance. Numerous motorists are probably not pleased that the cost of car insurance is rising.

“I’m sort of at that age now where I’d expect my auto insurance to go down, instead of going up,” Jill said. “Safe driver, no accidents, no tickets no nothing.”

It might take longer than normal for drivers across the state to get insurance, and once they do, rates can be high and keep going up.

According to people who work in the car insurance business, big companies are pulling back from California because it’s getting too expensive for them to cover drivers there. Furthermore, some insurance companies are leaving the state at the same time.

“In my opinion, we’ve reached the breaking point. “People are having a hard time making ends meet right now, and things are getting even worse,” said Harvey Rosenfield, head of consumer watchdog.

Car Insurance Premiums Are Rising in California

Proposition 103, which was passed 35 years ago and was written by Rosenfield, says that insurers must get permission from the state’s insurance commissioner before raising rates.

He says people don’t care about the rules. “The number one thing that’s driving the rise is the insurance companies greed,” said Rosenfield.

Taxi drivers also have to deal with theft. It’s hard for Kia and Hyundai owners to get insurance for their cars because some models don’t have anti-theft tech.
This is also being looked into by the state right now.

“I think it relates to the ability to break into these vehicles,” Perlman stated. You should compare prices, and there’s even a tool you can use online.

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