Casanova’s Legal Woes Mount with Recent New Jersey Stabbing Charge!


Casanova is having more and more problems with the law. He was charged with another crime just a few weeks after being turned down for early release from jail. On Wednesday (December 13), the Haitian-American rapper reported on his life. He is still in jail serving a 15-year sentence for drug dealing and murder that is part of a racketeering case.

He wrote on his Instagram Story, “Early Christmas gift: they just charged me for a stabbing in NJ.” “You can’t even defend yourself; they just want you to lie down and die. You have to go back to court on Friday.”

Casanova and his lawyer asked to get out of jail early in August on the grounds of “extraordinary acceptance of responsibility,” saying that the results of his actions did not fit the legal meaning of “robbery.” There have been accusations against the “Set Trippin” singer, but he has not denied them. He does think that the consequences do not fairly match the crime.

Casanova's Legal Woes Mount

He was turned down for the plea earlier this month because he had already gotten a sentence at the “bottom of the sentencing range.” Also, the judge said that Cas had not even done 20% of his time in jail yet. In his letter to the judge, the Roc Nation MC admitted that he had committed the crimes he was charged with. He also said that he had cut ties with the Gorilla Stone Nation gang, but that didn’t help his case.

TMZ reports that the justice supported the first decision by saying that the man from New York hasn’t shown that he’s no longer a threat to the community. A lot of the 36-year-old’s punishment came from an incident in 2018 in which he reportedly hit a woman for filming him at a diner.

He is said to have grabbed Niya Rucker’s phone violently and then deleted videos of himself that she had taped of him without his permission. So, he was charged with two counts of felony robbery. His lawyers are now fighting these charges because the woman left the restaurant with her phone.

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