Clovis Instructor: Concealed Carry Law Effectively Blocks Permit Access!


Cybersecdn- The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked a new California law that bans people from carrying firearms in most public places. However, a Clovis firearms safety instructor and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office point to other changes affecting concealed-carry permits that make it harder to get.

Part of Senate Bill 2 decertified a majority of CCW permit trainers, something one trainer called a “de facto ban”. The new rules de-certify trainers who have instructor licenses from the National Rifle Association, referred to by many trainers as the “gold standard”. The change in rules leaves scant few certified instructors, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

The California State Sheriff’s Association (CSSA) has identified concerns with these regulations. With the new rules in place, 90% of trainers lost their ability to train people looking to renew or get a CCW, estimates Jake Belemjian, owner of The Firing Line in Clovis. Belemjian called the new law a “big, nasty monster” people are only beginning to understand.

 Concealed Carry Law Effectively Blocks Permit Access

For people looking to get their CCWs or renew them, that means relying on a small group of still-certified trainers to get their permits. The permits need to be renewed every two years. As the state doubled the required training time for prospective gun carriers to 16 hours, it also changed its requirements for who can train people. However, the state never came up with replacement rules, Belemjian said. Nor has the state clarified what “state-accreditation” means.

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Despite the injunction, concealed carry law remains a ‘de facto ban’ on permits in California. The new rules have made it harder for people to get their CCWs or renew them. The state needs to come up with replacement rules and clarify what “state accreditation” means to make the process easier for people looking to get their permits.

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