Controversial Freedom: NYC Cop Killer’s Repeated Arrests Spark Outrage!


Cybersecdn-In a series of alarming incidents that have outraged a city, Bruce Lorick, the man convicted of murdering NYPD Officer Joseph Keegan in 1980, has been arrested four times since his parole in April 2021. Lorick, now 66, spent nearly four decades behind bars for the second-degree murder of Keegan, a tragic event that occurred at Columbus Circle subway station. Despite the severity of his crime, Lorick was granted lifetime parole after serving the minimum of his 25-year to life sentence.

Since his release, Lorick’s actions have repeatedly raised concerns. His arrests range from strangulation and criminal contempt to theft and cocaine possession. In one notable incident, Lorick was apprehended for stealing over $280 worth of goods from a Target store on the Upper East Side, a theft that occurred just before Thanksgiving.

Freed Nyc Cop Killer Busted


The frequency of these arrests and subsequent releases has deeply affected the family of the slain officer, with relatives expressing their disbelief and frustration at the justice system’s apparent leniency. The repeated legal battles, including a recent lawsuit by his attorneys for his release, have only added to the family’s ongoing trauma.

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Lorick’s post-incarceration behavior raises critical questions about the effectiveness of the parole system in balancing rehabilitation with public safety. His case is a stark reminder of the complexities faced by a society striving for justice and safety.

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