Deaths Across an Icy Winter Blast Have Been Connected to the US!


Cybersecdn- The United States is currently in the grip of a brutal winter blast, causing widespread chaos and fatalities from Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest. In Tennessee alone, 14 deaths have been attributed to the storm, which dumped significant snowfall and brought temperatures to record lows.

The Tennessee Valley Authority experienced unprecedented power demand due to the extreme cold, which was compounded by a new layer of ice from freezing rain. The conditions led to the closure of schools and government offices, and the state legislature suspended in-person meetings.

In Oregon, Portland faced treacherous conditions due to ice storms, leading to school closures and power line accidents, including a tragic incident involving three fatalities. The National Weather Service has issued advisories for continued freezing rain and strong winds.

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The storm’s toll extends beyond Tennessee, with nationwide fatalities surpassing 40. Incidents range from traffic accidents to hypothermia deaths, highlighting the storm’s severe and widespread nature.

In Mississippi, winter weather has exacerbated existing infrastructure issues, leading to low water pressure for thousands of residents. Memphis is also facing challenges with water supply, prompting calls for conservation amidst high demand and leak repairs.

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