Denny’s Acquires Florida Restaurant Chain for $82.5 Million, Aiming to Expand Beyond the State!


Cybersecdn- Denny’s recent acquisition of Keke’s Cafe, a beloved breakfast and brunch chain from Florida, for $82.5 million marks a pivotal moment in the American dining landscape. This move is not merely a change of ownership but a launchpad for Keke’s national expansion, with plans to open 100 new restaurants across the United States.

Denny's Restaurant



Originally known as “Florida Waffle Shop,” Keke’s Cafe has grown significantly under the vision of its co-founder, Kevin Mahen. The acquisition by Denny’s, a name synonymous with classic American diner culture, represents a strategic alignment of values and ambitions, aiming to bring Keke’s unique dining experience to a broader audience.

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Keke’s focus on quality breakfast and lunch offerings, combined with its early closure at 2:30 pm, has carved a niche in the market. The chain’s expansion under Denny’s guidance not only signifies growth but also a commitment to maintaining the quality and ethos that have made Keke’s a household name in Florida.

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