Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chandler, Arizona!


cybersecdn- Chandler, Arizona, a city recognized for its high quality of life, economic stability, and cultural diversity, isn’t immune to the challenges of urban life, particularly in terms of safety and crime.

This article delves into Chandler’s diverse neighborhoods, focusing on the five with notably higher crime rates. We’ll explore these areas using varied sources, providing a nuanced understanding of their challenges.

Chandler’s Crime Landscape: While Chandler boasts a crime rate lower than the national average, it’s slightly higher than Arizona’s state average. With a total crime rate of 19.04 per 1,000 residents, Chandler’s crime statistics reveal a complex picture:

  • The violent crime rate stands at 1.89 per 1,000 residents, notably lower than the national and state averages.
  • Property crime occurs at a rate of 17.15 per 1,000, again below the national and state levels.

Comparative Analysis: In comparison to other cities in Arizona, Chandler is safer than 59% of them but falls behind when compared to all U.S. neighborhoods. For context, Tucson, Eloy, and Sun Valley have higher crime rates, while cities like Carefree, Fort Valley, and Tubac are among the safest.

The Five Riskiest Neighborhoods:

  1. New Horizons: Established in 2019 near W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, this neighborhood features diverse housing but struggles with safety issues. Average home value: $325,506.
  2. Woodglen: Located near W Elliot Rd and N Apollo Dr, Woodglen is known for its cultural diversity but faces challenges in crime. Average home value: $355,405.
  3. Hoy Homes: Built between 1970-1999 near W Gary Dr and N Hackberry Dr, Hoy Homes is predominantly residential but has higher rental costs and crime concerns. Average home value: $325,506.
  4. Silk Stocking: An older neighborhood near W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, with a significant population of single mothers. Average home value: $325,506.
  5. Trails End Estates: Dating back to 1940-1969, located near W Elliot Rd and N Apache Trail, this area is known for its limited vacancies and higher living costs. Average home value: $325,506.

Conclusion: Chandler continues to strive for improvement in all its neighborhoods. Despite the challenges faced by these five areas, efforts are ongoing to enhance safety and living conditions, reflecting the city’s commitment to all its residents.

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