Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Durham County, North Carolina!


Most of the people who live in Durham, North Carolina, are employed. With a lot of cultural and historical background, it’s known for putting a lot of effort into study, education, and health care. But Durham is also known for being dangerous, with a lot of property and violent crimes. With a crime rate of 42.41 per 1,000 people, Durham is safer than only 4% of U.S. towns, according to NeighborhoodScout.

However, not every part of Durham is dangerous. There are more dangers for people who live and visit in some places than in others because of their high crime rates. We found the five riskiest areas in Durham County, North Carolina, in 2021 using information from Durham Open Data. All of these are:

Neighborhood Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Downtown 192
East Durham 111
West End 98
Lakewood 88
Braggtown 82


There are many places to work, shop, eat, and have fun in this area of Durham that is busy with business. Old, important places like the American Tobacco Campus and the Durham Bulls Athletic Park can be found there.

Downtown, on the other hand, has 191.67 crimes for every 1,000 people, which is the most of any neighborhood in Durham. It’s not safe at all at night when a lot of people are in clubs and bars.

East Durham

East Durham

A lot of people live in this area, which is east of Downtown. A lot of them are poor or from minority groups. This area of Durham is very old and has houses from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

East Durham does have problems, though, like poverty, unemployment, and social problems. These cause a high crime rate of 111.06 per 1,000 people. East Durham is less safe during the day, when many people are not there, because there is a higher chance of break-ins.

West End

Some of the buildings here are for work, some are for business, and some are for living. This area is on the west side of Downtown. Like North Carolina Central University and the Hayti Heritage Center, there are also places to learn and enjoy culture.

As a result, 97.77 crimes happen for every 1,000 people in the West End. It’s especially dangerous in the evening when stores close and the streets are empty and dark. Additionally, this city has been named the least expensive spot in Texas to live.


5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Durham County

Many middle-class and working-class families live in this area, which is south of Downtown. A lot of Hispanic, Asian, and African American people live there.

87.91 crimes happen for every 1,000 people who live in Lakewood, which is a problem. Early in the morning, when people are leaving their homes alone to go to work or school, it’s especially dangerous.

Braggtown, Virginia

This neighborhood is north of Downtown and is home to many families from the towns and the country. Many parks, lakes, and golf grounds make it famous for its beautiful views. There are a lot of crimes in Braggtown—81.76 crimes for every 1,000 people who live there.

Braggtown can be especially dangerous in the afternoons when many people are coming home from their daily tasks and may run into possible criminals.

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What Does Durham Have in Common with Other North Carolina Cities?

Durham is more dangerous than most cities in North Carolina and the United States. The crime rate of 42.41 per 1,000 people makes it safer than only 4% of U.S. towns. Burglary, theft, and attack are the most common crimes in Durham. However, rape, robbery, and murder also happen there all the time.

The rate of crime in Durham is about the same as in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Boston. Criminal activity levels can change, though, depending on where you live, the time of day, and other things. To keep yourself and your things safe, you should always be aware of your surroundings and take steps.

Final Words

Most recent research shows that these five areas in Durham County, North Carolina, are the most dangerous. Keep in mind that crime rates can change, and different things can make places safer or more dangerous.

When you’re in or near these areas, it’s important to be aware and careful. Take steps to avoid crime and keep yourself and your things safe. Always put safety first, no matter where you are.

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