Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Henrico County, Virginia!


Cybersecdn- Henrico County in Virginia, a region boasting over 330,000 residents, is a microcosm of American diversity and history. While it’s celebrated for its cultural and natural beauty, the county faces significant challenges, particularly in crime. In 2020, a closer examination of crime statistics revealed five neighborhoods grappling with heightened crime rates.

Neighborhood Crime Rate (per 1,000) Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000) Property Crime Rate (per 1,000)
Montrose 192 22 170.1
East Highland Park 110 13 96.4
Sandston 109 10 99
Lakeside 110 12 97.8
Highland Springs 73 9 64.6

Montrose: A Historical Hub with Contemporary Concerns

Montrose, a community that emerged during World War I, reported 1,345 crimes in 2020, marking a worrying crime rate of 192.1 per 1,000 residents. The majority were property crimes, tallying at 1,191 incidents. This elevated rate, juxtaposed with its historical significance and modest median home value of $186,781, paints a complex picture of a neighborhood balancing its past with present-day challenges.

East Highland Park: Urban Diversity Meets Security Hurdles

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Henrico County, Virginia!

In East Highland Park, the 2020 crime figures were equally concerning. With 1,536 recorded offenses, the crime rate stood at 109.6 per 1,000 residents. The neighborhood’s unique demographic composition, predominantly African American with a high divorce rate, and lower median home values at $162,800, reflect broader socio-economic dynamics influencing these statistics.

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Sandston: Suburban Serenity and Safety Strains

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Sandston’s suburban charm is countered by its crime statistics. With a total of 1,085 reported crimes in 2020, the neighborhood experienced a notable rate of property crimes. Despite its moderate median home value of $338,845, Sandston’s crime rate underscores the need for community-focused safety strategies.

Lakeside: Natural Beauty Shadowed by Crime Rates

Lakeside, known for its natural springs, reported 1,210 crimes in 2020. The area, with a significant rate of violent crimes, mirrors the broader issue of urban crime despite its moderate overall crime rate and substantial median home value of $338,845. The neighborhood’s demographic diversity adds layers to the challenges it faces.

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Highland Springs: A Comparative Oasis of Calm

In contrast, Highland Springs stands out with a lower overall crime rate. With 1,096 crimes in 2020, it represents a beacon of relative tranquility in the county. The neighborhood’s modest median home value of $162,800 and the prevalence of property over violent crimes suggest a different socio-economic narrative.

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Henrico County, Virginia!


The disparity in crime rates across these five neighborhoods in Henrico County underscores the need for nuanced understanding and proactive community engagement. Factors like median home values, demographic diversity, and historical context play pivotal roles in shaping these challenges. The county’s future hinges on addressing these issues holistically, emphasizing the interplay between socioeconomic factors and community well-being.

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