Discover The 7 Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio!


CybersecdnOhio, a state renowned for its rich history, culture, and economic prosperity, is grappling with a severe issue of crime and violence, largely driven by the proliferation and activities of various notorious gangs. In this article, we delve into the dark underbelly of Ohio’s gang problem, exploring seven of the most dangerous criminal organizations that have entrenched themselves in the state, leaving a trail of havoc in the communities they operate within.

1. MS-13

MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, originally hailing from Los Angeles in the 1980s, has spread its influence across the globe, including in Ohio. Infamous for its brutality, ruthlessness, and involvement in heinous crimes such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, extortion, and human trafficking, MS-13 has made its presence felt in Columbus, engaging in clashes with rival gangs and law enforcement.

2. Hells Angels

Hells Angels, founded in California in 1948, has evolved into a global organization with chapters in numerous countries, including Ohio. Operating as an outlaw motorcycle club, Hells Angels is no stranger to criminal activities, including drug dealing, arms smuggling, racketeering, and murder. Recognizable by their unwavering loyalty to the club, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and iconic winged skull logo, Hells Angels has a significant footprint in Ohio, leading to violent confrontations with rival motorcycle clubs.

3. Latin Kings

Originating in Chicago in the 1940s, the Latin Kings have expanded their operations into several states, including Ohio. One of the largest and most structured Hispanic gangs in the United States, Latin Kings participate in crimes such as robbery, assault, vandalism, and drug distribution. Their distinctive black and gold colors, five-pointed crown symbols, and unique hand signs make them easily identifiable. The gang’s presence in Cleveland has led to turf wars with other rival gangs like the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples.

4. Polish-American Organized Crime

Discover The 7 Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio

Polish-American Organized Crime refers to the criminal activities of individuals and groups of Polish descent in the United States, with a notable presence in Ohio. Engaged mainly in gambling, loan sharking, extortion, and money laundering, this group has ties to the Pittsburgh crime family, an offshoot of the Italian-American Mafia. Operating in cities like Youngstown, Cleveland, and Toledo, Polish-American Organized Crime quietly impacts the state.

5. 2hunnid

2hunnid is a street gang that emerged in Dayton, Ohio, in the early 2010s. A subset of the notorious Bloods gang, 2hunnid is known for its violence, aggression, and disdain for authority. Their criminal activities span car theft, burglary, robbery, and shootings, with members identifiable by their red attire, bandanas, and jewelry. In Montgomery County, 2hunnid has been responsible for numerous car thefts and violent crimes.

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6. 4way

Another Dayton-born street gang, 4way, emerged in the early 2010s and is a rival of 2hunnid, also affiliated with the Bloods. Known for their hostility and disregard for the law, 4way members engage in various crimes, including car theft, burglary, robbery, and shootings. Their signature red clothing, bandanas, and jewelry set them apart. Like 2hunnid, 4way has contributed to criminal activity in Montgomery County.

7. Somali Outlaws

Discover The 7 Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio

Somali Outlaws, established in Columbus, Ohio, in the late 2000s, is a street gang primarily composed of young men of Somali origin. Many of its members arrived in the United States as refugees or immigrants. The gang is notorious for its violence, intimidation, and involvement in crimes such as robbery, assault, drug dealing, and human trafficking.

Distinguished by their clothing featuring the colors of the Somali flag and tattoos with the word “Outlaw” or the initials “SO,” Somali Outlaws have caused concern in Columbus, where they have been linked to shootings and homicides.

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Ohio’s struggle against gang violence is a pressing issue that demands comprehensive solutions. These seven dangerous gangs have left their mark on the state, wreaking havoc in their wake. Addressing this problem requires a concerted effort from law enforcement, community organizations, social services, and educational institutions. By working together, Ohio can aim to reduce the influence of these gangs and foster a more peaceful and prosperous future.

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