Discover the World’s 10 Most Enchanting Aquariums This Winter!


This holiday season, embark on an aquatic adventure to explore some of America’s most beautiful aquariums. Based on a study by Aquarium Store Depot, which analyzed TripAdvisor reviews, these ten aquariums are not to be missed for their stunning displays and diverse marine life.

  1. Belle Isle Aquarium, Detroit, Michigan: Topping the list with 30.7% of its reviews highlighting its beauty, this historic aquarium, established in 1904, showcases over 200 saltwater and freshwater species.
  2. Butterfly House & Aquarium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Unique for being the only public saltwater aquarium in the Dakotas, it’s home to a variety of fish species, including the colorful princess parrotfish.
  3. Birch Aquarium, La Jolla, California: With 25.8% of reviews praising its beauty, this aquarium, part of the University of California, San Diego, is famous for its two-story kelp forest.
  4. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Tacoma, Washington: Known for its “jelly globe” and diverse marine life, including hammerhead sharks and giant octopuses, this aquarium is a wonderland of marine biodiversity.
  5. Seacoast Science Center, Rye, New Hampshire: This aquarium is noted for its tropical reef habitats and a 32-foot whale skeleton, offering an immersive experience of marine life.
  6. VIA Aquarium, Schenectady, New York: With 45 exhibits and unique experiences like stingray feeding, this aquarium offers a deep dive into the underwater world.
  7. Sea Life Park Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii: This Hawaiian gem combines an aquarium, marine mammal park, and bird sanctuary, offering interactions with dolphins and insights into native Hawaiian sharks.
  8. Mississippi Aquarium, Mississippi: A newcomer to the scene, this aquarium is already renowned for its beauty and interactive experiences with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays.
  9. Aquarium at the Boardwalk, Branson, Missouri: This aquarium stands out with its underwater tunnels and interactive jelly infinity room, offering a unique exploration of marine life.
  10. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster, Massachusetts: Known for its focus on horseshoe crabs and conservation efforts, this aquarium is a blend of education and beauty.

These aquariums are not only a testament to the beauty of marine life but also play a crucial role in conservation and education. They offer a window into the vast and vibrant underwater world, making them ideal destinations for a holiday visit.

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