Economic Insights: Unemployment Trends in Caddo Parish Compares to The others States!


Caddo Parish in Louisiana, facing a complex economic landscape, recorded an unemployment rate of 4.0% in October, ranking 25th highest among the state’s 64 parishes. This rate sits slightly above the national average, which has stabilized between 3.5% and 4% post-COVID-19 pandemic, and also above the state level.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates a national unemployment rate of 3.9% in October, a significant recovery from the peak of 14.7% in April 2020. Caddo Parish’s current situation reflects the varied recovery patterns in local economies across the country.

With approximately 4,080 of its 101,335 working residents unemployed, Caddo Parish’s economic challenges are nuanced. This number represents an increase from previous months, suggesting dynamic shifts in the job market. The data, compared to neighboring parishes like Allen and St. Bernard, provides a broader view of regional employment trends.

Amidst concerns of a looming recession, the parish’s employment scenario presents a critical picture of local economic health and resilience. These statistics are vital for understanding the broader economic narrative of Louisiana and the nation.

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