Federal Funding Fuels New Jersey’s Switch to Electric School Transportation!


CybersecdnNew Jersey is set to revolutionize its school transportation system with a significant investment in electric buses, funded by a $19 million federal grant. Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Senator Cory Booker announced the allocation of funds to purchase over 40 new electric school buses and install 28 chargers across five different districts in the state.

The initiative aims to address air quality concerns in urban areas, where diesel-powered buses contribute to pollution and pose health risks, particularly for children. With asthma being a prevalent issue among students, the transition to electric buses is seen as a crucial step toward creating a cleaner environment for future generations.

Federal Funding Fuels New Jersey's Switch to Electric School Transportation


The grant will bring a total of 42 electric buses to districts including Union City, Newark, Elizabeth, Lakewood Township, and Bloomfield Township. Each district will receive a designated number of buses, with Union City leading the pack with 12 buses, followed by Lakewood Township with 14.

Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey, emphasized the importance of this investment in improving air quality and public health. He highlighted the harmful effects of diesel emissions on children and advocated for further funding to enable more districts to transition to electric buses.

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The transition to electric buses not only reduces emissions but also enhances the safety and efficiency of school transportation. With a lifespan of about three years, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides a window of opportunity for districts to make the switch and contribute to a greener future for New Jersey.

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