Federal Funding Is at Risk of Discontinuation, Potentially Leading to A Cessation of Several Services for Migrants!


Cybersecdn- The imminent reduction in federal funding poses a significant challenge for organizations assisting migrants seeking asylum in the United States. Services such as transportation, food, and showers, currently offered by organizations like Casa Alitas, are at risk of being curtailed by the end of next month.

Pima County, along with the City of Tucson and organizations like Casa Alitas, has been instrumental in aiding migrants as they start their new lives in the U.S. However, the impending funding cutback will severely limit their capacity. In the past week alone, Casa Alitas accommodated over 9,000 migrants, but this figure is expected to drop to just 700 individuals per day starting in March.

Pima County Supervisor Adelita Grijalva highlighted the urgency of the situation during her recent meeting with lawmakers in Washington D.C. Despite her efforts, the response from lawmakers offered little optimism. The Tucson sector, experiencing nearly double the migrant influx compared to other entry points, is particularly affected.

Federal Funding Is at Risk of Discontinuation

This decrease in support raises significant concerns, particularly in health services. The elimination of medical screenings poses potential health risks not only to the migrants but also to the broader U.S. population. Moreover, the lack of basic amenities like showers, which some migrants have been waiting weeks for, underscores the severity of the situation.

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With smaller communities like those near the Lukeville Port of Entry already suffering economically due to the port’s closure, the cessation of transportation services will leave them unprepared to handle the influx of migrants, further exacerbating the crisis.

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