Florida Alert: Video Highlights Risks of Celebratory Gunfire!


Cybersecdn- As communities in Georgia prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations, a serious warning is being issued against a hazardous tradition: celebratory gunfire. The principle “What goes up, must come down” takes on a literal and alarming significance in this context, as bullets discharged into the air inevitably return to earth, posing risks to people and property.

Recently, a Ring doorbell video from Cobb County resident Kevin Thomas captured the harrowing sound of gunshots echoing through his neighborhood.

Thomas, likening the experience to his time in Afghanistan, pointed out the danger this practice poses, especially given his home’s proximity to an airport flight line. This scenario raises concerns about bullets potentially striking planes during their descent.

Eric Wallace, general manager of Adventure Outdoors in Cobb County, emphasizes the grave risks associated with celebratory gunfire. He advocates for fireworks as a safer alternative, underscoring the importance of responsible gun safety practices.

With the potential for bullets to travel significant distances and cause harm upon their descent, Wallace and Thomas both urge the public to reconsider this dangerous tradition.

In Georgia, the law strictly prohibits the discharge of firearms in certain situations, including firing on someone else’s property without permission, within 50 feet of a public road or highway, and while under the influence.

Florida Alert: Video Highlights Risks of Celebratory Gunfire

Violators may face charges including discharging a firearm on private property and reckless conduct. Additionally, several Georgia counties and cities have ordinances addressing weapon discharge, further emphasizing the legal risks involved.

To address this issue, Georgia prosecutors are adopting a firm stance, threatening year-long sentences, fines, probation, and possible confiscation of firearms for those caught engaging in celebratory gunfire. This approach is part of a broader effort to ensure public safety and hold individuals accountable for their actions.

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