Florida School Incident: Staff Restraint Leads to Student Injury!


Cybersecdn A Florida school employee was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly choking a student. WFLA says that Brandon Tyrone Henry, who works at Wimauma Youth Academy, is being charged with severe child abuse.

Details from a pretrial detention motion received by the news station show that the alleged incident happened on January 17. Henry is accused of assaulting a student as they left a classroom.

The paper said, “As the victim was leaving that classroom, the defendant came up behind him and put him in a rear chokehold by putting his right arm around the victim’s neck.” “For about ten seconds, the defendant held the victim in this position, knocking the victim out.”

Florida School Incident

According to the paper, the teen fell and almost cut off his tongue. Along with that, he got cuts on his left eye, cheek, and mouth.

It was reported by the Tampa Bay Times that he had multiple stitches put in his hurt tongue at Florida HCA South Shore Hospital. There is also a movie of the event in motion.

Henry does not have permission to go free. The paper said, “There are no conditions of release reasonably sufficient to protect the community from the risk of physical harm.”

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The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice runs Wimauma Youth Academy as a place for boys ages 14 to 18. Henry, who had been a shift supervisor at the plant since 2012, was going to be put on administrative leave without pay at first.

Following that, he was fired after managers watched a video of the event, as a Wayne Halfway House representative told the Times. “We have clear standards for how staff should behave, and we regularly remind everyone in all the buildings we manage of those standards,” Hall said.

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