Florida Shocker: Couple’s Statewide Fake Apple Scheme Exposed!


IONA, Florida — A couple is being sought by police because they are suspected of running a fraud scheme in Target shops across Florida. This holiday season, AirPods were a very popular gift. These things could be just what a scam needs. Evans Lutz knows a lot about cybersecurity and runs BowTied Cyber LLC.

Since AirPods cost around $200, Lutz said, “they are right in the ‘Goldie Locks’ zone.” “The store will take a close look at your brand-new iPhone 15 if you try to do that to make sure you’re not trying to scam them.”

Police say the two suspects buy AirPods at Target stores all over Florida using gift cards that can’t be tracked because they don’t have names or addresses on them. Then, the con artists replace the AirPods with a cheap copy and send them back in their original boxes.

According to Lutz, “you’re making money twice” because you not only have the AirPods that you can sell to someone on the street for almost the full retail price, but you also get your money back on the thing you just bought.

 fraud scheme with fake Apple devices police

The two people who are thought to be crooks were caught on surveillance video from the Target store on San Carlos Boulevard in Iona. Call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS if you know who they are. A cash reward could be given to you for your false hints.

Lutz thinks that Target should change its return policy to stop more problems like this from happening.

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“Either it will take a lot longer to accept returns because you’ll have to open the box every time to make sure everything is inside, or you’ll have to start asking for ID before you’ll accept returns,” Lutz said. We called Target to find out if they were going to change any of their return policies because of these crimes. They haven’t replied.

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