Florida’s Legislative Feedback Goes Digital: Nonprofit Launches App!


Cybersecdn- The Digital Democracy Project, a nonprofit organization, is revolutionizing the way Floridians engage with legislative processes. Through their mobile app, they offer instant polling on a variety of statewide legislative issues, aiming to amplify voter voices in real-time. Since its initial testing phase in 2021, the project has evolved, looking to make a significant impact in 2024.

Ramon Perez, the Executive Director of the Digital Democracy Project in Florida, explains the premise: “We use mobile voting technology to let voters weigh in on legislation as it’s being debated in Tallahassee.” This innovative approach ensures that legislators receive immediate feedback from their constituents, fostering a more transparent and responsive legislative process.

The app, developed by Voatz, requires users to be registered Florida voters. It allows them to express their opinions on active legislative bills, which are then integrated into the Digital Democracy Project’s website. This data not only informs legislators but also provides voters with a sense of involvement and accountability in the political process.

Florida's Legislative Feedback

While the technology is primarily for polling and not for actual voting on candidates or issues, it demonstrates the potential of mobile technology in enhancing democratic participation. Interestingly, Voatz’s technology is also used in several states for overseas military voting and voters with visual impairments.

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The project, initiated by Perez, a U.S. Air Force veteran with a background in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, is part of a larger national effort. It is driven by the goal of countering voter disenfranchisement and bridging perceived political divisions. Funded primarily through donations, the Digital Democracy Project exemplifies a new era of civic engagement, where technology and democracy converge to empower the electorate.

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