Georgia Prosecutors’ Disqualification Bid Remains Undecided After Another Day of Peculiar Testimony!


CybersecdnAs the public session wrapped up, McAfee went into a closed-door meeting with a key witness for the defense about the extent to which attorney-client privilege constrains his ability to testify about the romantic relationship between Willis and Wade.

The witness, Terrence Bradley, was Wade’s law partner and represented him for a time in his still-ongoing divorce proceedings. Defense lawyers hoped Bradley would testify that Willis and Wade became romantically involved before she brought him into the Trump case. But in the hearing, Bradley refused to answer a broad swath of questions about Wade, saying attorney-client privilege shielded him from sharing anything about the pair.

Later, however, Bradley gave uncharacteristically transparent comments about the circumstances under which he ended his law partnership with Wade. McAfee said his response suggested he may not understand attorney-client privilege, and amplified the need for a meeting behind closed doors about the subject.

If Bradley ultimately testifies that Willis and Wade started their relationship before Wade joined the case in November 2021, it would contradict sworn statements from Willis and Wade, both of whom insisted the relationship did not begin until 2022.

Georgia Prosecutors' Disqualification Bid Remains Undecided After Another Day of Peculiar Testimony!

During questioning Friday, Bradley confirmed that he’d previously discussed with the attorney for a Trump co-defendant details of the relationship between Willis and Wade, including their travels. Bradley also said that after the defense lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, sent him a copy of a motion to disqualify the prosecutors based on the relationship, Bradley seemed to confirm its accuracy by replying via text: “Looks good.”

However, it was unclear if Bradley thoroughly reviewed the motion before agreeing with it. And much of his testimony remained of uncertain impact due to the unresolved privilege claims. “I’m concerned that these exchanges are just two lawyers gossiping about information,” prosecutor Anna Cross said.

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Prosecutors also attacked Bradley’s credibility by asserting that he left Wade’s law firm after a client of the firm accused him of sexual assault and that the client was paid a settlement. Bradley denied sexually assaulting anyone and McAfee declined to allow further testimony on that issue, ruling that it was too far afield of the issues in the case.

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