Georgia Settles for $1 Million in Lawsuit with Todd and Julie Chrisley!


Cybersecdn- Celebrity couple Todd and Julie Chrisley have settled a lawsuit against the state of Georgia, receiving $1 million. This legal victory comes amid a tumultuous period for the Chrisleys, known for their reality show “Chrisley Knows Best.”

The lawsuit, filed in 2019, accused Joshua Waites, the former Director of Special Investigations of the Georgia Department of Revenue, of misconduct during a state tax evasion investigation. Although the Chrisleys were cleared of these state charges, they faced separate federal fraud and tax evasion charges, leading to a combined 19-year prison sentence.

Chrisleys get $1-million settlement in Georgia lawsuit - Los Angeles Times

Their attorney, Alex Little, described the settlement as an encouraging sign, highlighting the uniqueness of a government entity compensating defendants while another arm fights to keep them incarcerated. The Chrisleys, maintaining their innocence, await an appeal hearing in Atlanta.

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The lawsuit accused Waites of overstepping his authority, alleging he targeted Todd’s estranged daughter for information on the family and illegally shared confidential tax information. Despite Waites’s efforts being unsuccessful, the lawsuit claimed significant personal and financial hardship for the Chrisleys. In the wake of their legal battles, a new reality television show focusing on the lives of the Chrisley children post their parents’ sentencing is in development, signaling a continued public interest in the family’s unfolding story.

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