God’s Army Rally: 300 Vehicles Embark on Nationwide Journey!


Cybersecdn In January 2024, a protest convoy known as “God’s Army,” aimed at addressing the immigration crisis, made its way to the Texas-Mexico border. Organized by conservative radio hosts with the slogan “Take Our Border Back,” the event aimed to shed light on the perceived threats posed by unsecured southern borders. Despite ambitious expectations of rallying 700,000 participants, the turnout was significantly lower, starting with just 20 cars in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As the convoy journeyed to Quemado, Texas, it modestly grew to 300 vehicles, a figure far below the anticipated numbers.

The convoy attracted a diverse group, including militia-style factions and Christian nationalists, united by concerns over border security and immigration policies. The organizers, describing themselves as patriots, sought to mark this event as a “biblical, monumental moment,” emphasizing peaceful protest through rallies and prayer, despite controversial statements by one organizer regarding the pursuit of illegal migrants.

God's Army Rally: 300 Vehicles Embark on Nationwide Journey!

The convoy’s presence in the border town of Eagle Pass was met with skepticism. Community leaders and residents expressed apprehension about the disruption and potential spread of extremist views. Pastor Julio Fuentes emphasized the community’s openness to informed dialogue, provided it respected cultural diversity and refrained from propagating hate.

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This event coincided with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s intensified stance on border enforcement, including the deployment of physical barriers and Texas National Guard troops. Abbott’s declaration of a border “invasion” and his defiance of federal directives have heightened the political standoff over immigration policies. The gathering of 14 Republican governors in Eagle Pass, in support of Abbott’s measures, drew criticism for prioritizing political spectacle over substantive governance.

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