Governor Greg Abbott Back in San Angelo to Rally Support for State Rep. Challenger Stormy Bradley!


CybersecdnGovernor Greg Abbott’s return to San Angelo marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing political landscape of Texas House District 72. With the fervor of the upcoming primary election palpable, Governor Abbott made a resounding statement by appearing at the Angry Cactus Bar & Grill for a ‘Get Out the Vote’ rally in support of Stormy Bradley, the challenger for the district’s representative seat.

Abbott’s presence underscores the significance of this race, as he reiterated the importance of conservative values in Texas politics. Emphasizing the need for constituents to support the most conservative candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, Abbott unequivocally endorsed Bradley as the embodiment of these principles.

Bradley herself, buoyed by the endorsements from Governor Abbott, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, and Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, expressed gratitude for the recognition of her conservative stance. In her remarks, she affirmed her alignment with the values cherished by the Republican leadership, echoing Abbott’s assertion that she is indeed the most conservative candidate for the position.

The race between Bradley and incumbent Representative Drew Darby has captured the attention of voters and political observers alike, with a clear schism emerging on the issue of public vouchers for private school attendance. While Darby has voiced opposition to diverting public funds to private schools without adequate accountability measures, Bradley stands firm in her support for integrating vouchers into a new legislative framework.

Governor Greg Abbott Back in San Angelo to Rally Support for State Rep. Challenger Stormy Bradley!

Darby’s supporters, represented by individuals lining up across the street from the rally venue, underscore the intensity of the debate surrounding this pivotal issue. Their concerns regarding the potential ramifications of diverting public funds without sufficient oversight highlight the depth of division within the district.

As early voting for the primary election commenced on Tuesday, and with primary election day slated for March 5th, the rally serves as a rallying cry for conservative voters to make their voices heard. Governor Abbott’s repeated visits to San Angelo and his unwavering support for Bradley signal a concerted effort to sway the outcome of this closely contested race in favor of the challenger.

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In the crucible of Texas politics, the battle for House District 72 epitomizes the broader ideological struggle within the state. With Governor Abbott’s endorsement amplifying her candidacy, Stormy Bradley stands poised to potentially reshape the political landscape of San Angelo and beyond.

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