Governor Kathy Hochul Proposes Sending Men Involved in Attack on NYPD Officers Near Times Square Migrant Shelter Back to Their Home Countries!


Cybersecdn In a recent incident that has sparked widespread debate, Governor Kathy Hochul proposed the deportation of individuals involved in a violent altercation with NYPD officers outside a Times Square migrant shelter. The confrontation, which occurred last weekend and was captured on video, showed a group of men aggressively attacking two NYPD officers. The officers, identified as a lieutenant and a member of the Midtown South Precinct, were attempting to manage a disorderly assembly near the shelter located at 220 West 42nd Street.

Hochul Suggests Deporting Men



The incident, occurring around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, resulted in minor injuries for the officers, including facial cuts, though they were treated on-site. In the wake of the attack, seven men have been detained, with authorities still on the lookout for five additional suspects. The NYPD, through a spokesperson, confirmed that all arrested individuals are migrants, intensifying the scrutiny of migrant shelters in the search for the remaining suspects.

Hochul Proposes Sending Men Involved in Attack

Governor Hochul, addressing the media, emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards violence against law enforcement, suggesting that the attackers, if found to be in the country illegally, should face deportation. This stance represents a significant escalation from her initial comments, highlighting the gravity with which the state views attacks on police officers.

The response from City Hall echoed the sentiment of supporting the NYPD, condemning violence against officers, and advocating for full legal prosecution of the assailants. The incident not only raises questions about public safety but also feeds into the broader national discourse on immigration and asylum-seeking, especially in the context of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

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Amidst the legal and political fallout, the NYPD and the Police Benevolent Association have criticized the decision to release the arrested individuals without bail, citing concerns over public safety and the efficacy of the judicial process.

The situation is further complicated by reports of some suspects providing false identities to leave the state, raising challenges for their re-arrest and court appearances. This incident underscores the complexities of managing urban safety, immigration, and asylum policies in major cities like New York, particularly against the backdrop of increasing asylum seekers and the city’s status as a sanctuary city.

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