Governor Mike DeWine Bold Move: $4.8 Million for Body-Worn Police Cameras!


Cybersecdn- Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a significant investment of $4.8 million in grants to support local law enforcement agencies with their body-worn camera programs. This funding is part of the third round of the Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program and marks a continued commitment to increasing transparency and accountability in law enforcement.

The grant will benefit 108 law enforcement agencies across the state, assisting 32 agencies in establishing new body-worn camera programs and aiding 76 agencies in expanding or upgrading existing ones. This initiative aligns with Governor DeWine’s emphasis on the safety of law enforcement officers and the public, highlighting the importance of body-worn cameras in modern policing.

Gov. DeWine Announces

Since its inception in 2021, the Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program has provided funds to over 300 law enforcement agencies. The current 2024-2025 biennium includes an additional $10 million for the program, ensuring continued support for these crucial technological tools.

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The funding is not only for the acquisition of new cameras but also for upgrading equipment, increasing storage capacity, and hiring record-retention personnel. This comprehensive approach reflects Governor DeWine’s broader commitment to enhancing community safety, which includes several initiatives like the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center and the Ohio School Safety Center. These summaries provide an overview of each article, highlighting key points and statistics while ensuring originality and factual accuracy.

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