Governor Murphy Signs Three Bills in New Jersey that Protect the Rights of Immigrants!


Cybersecdn-New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has enacted a series of legislative measures designed to strengthen the rights of domestic workers and enhance language access to government services. This initiative represents a significant advancement in the Murphy Administration’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all New Jersey residents.

The legislative package includes the ‘New Jersey Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Act’ (S-723/A-822), which extends a range of rights and protections to domestic workers. It addresses historical exclusions from wage and hour laws and introduces anti-discrimination and anti-harassment measures, along with health and safety standards and contractual and termination notice requirements.

Another key law (S-2459/ACS for A-3837) mandates state government entities to provide vital documents and translation services in the 15 most commonly spoken non-English languages in New Jersey. This law aims to overcome language barriers that immigrant communities often face.

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The third piece of legislation (A-3092wGR/S2415) requires state agencies to improve demographic data collection methods to accurately represent the diversity within Asian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian communities.

Governor Murphy Signs Three Bills in New Jersey that Protect the Rights of Immigrants!

These laws collectively represent a major stride towards fair treatment and equal opportunities for New Jersey’s diverse immigrant population, receiving wide acclaim from advocates and community leaders.

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