Growling Alligator performs Death Roll to Evade Capture as North Carolina Cops Capture the Beast


A footage surfaced of a gator in North Carolina performing a “death roll” while he was obstinately wrestled by law officials.

On May 14, the event was reported by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. After citizens reported the reptile to authorities, they were able to locate it near Wilmington’s Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

“Our deputies never know what they are going to be called to respond to!” the Facebook post began.

“Last evening, Deputies Branch, Sutton and Nichter responded to the base of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge after receiving multiple calls about this big fella hanging out in the roadway,” the post added. “Deputies safely removed the gator TWICE from Highway 17S entering Brunswick County.”

A number of cops are seen in the footage dragging the alligator by its muzzle on a rope. As it clung to the sidewalk, the alligator showed no signs of moving.

“He’s gonna death roll,” another one said before the gator flipped on its back and rolled over on his stomach. Gators usually death roll as a fighting tactic when they’ve caught prey.

“He’s growling, too, now,” an officer observed. The rest of the video shows the gator resisting the officers.

It is said that the incident in the footage is from last week.

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