Guice Offshore’s Latest Marvel: The Groundbreaking MS Voyager Spaceport!


Cybersecdn Early in January 2024, “MS Voyager,” the world’s first marine spaceport for human travel, joined the Guice Offshore fleet. This was done before her official christening. Click on Voyager’s Web page to see all of her specs.

The 294-foot-long, 56-foot-wide “MS Voyager” is a highly customized Class 2 platform supply vessel that will help launch Space Perspective’s “Spaceship Neptune,” which will be the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceship. Spaceship Neptune, which is carrying human “Explorers,” will be lifted from Voyager’s large deck by a huge SpaceBalloonTM and pushed to the edge of space.

A huge SpaceBalloonTM will lift the Spaceship Neptune off of Voyager’s large deck and send it to the edge of space.

Space Perspective is the first world company to offer space travel experiences. It is based near Cape Canaveral. Guice Offshore, which is known around the world for its many years of experience with aerospace marine recovery, will help Space Perspective with all of its marine activities.

Voyager has 42 berths, Caterpillar 3516 engines, a hospital, multiple offices, lounges, and a pier. It also has a big A-frame and a telescoping deck crane. She has an ABS rating, a USCG Subchapter I, and Circle E certification, and can do both domestic and foreign ocean service without any problems.

This is the last step in getting Voyager ready for launch, recovery, and SpaceBalloonTM operations at Conrad Shipyard. Voyager will be based at Port Canaveral. Gulf Ship helped with the preparations.

Guice Offshore's Latest Marvel: The Groundbreaking MS Voyager Spaceport

Cool Effects has given emissions offsets, and the ship is being modified to use biofuel to lower its carbon footprint. This is in line with Space Perspective’s care for the environment.

The pressurized capsule of Spaceship Neptune has a unique splash cone at its base that makes the water landing smooth and gentle when it’s time to return to Earth at the end of the trip. Then, fast boats from Fluid Watercraft will come to help stabilize the capsule. A custom-built A-frame from Supreme Integrated Technologies will then be used to lift it onto the Voyager.

Guice Offshore’s MS Voyager is the first ship in a fleet that will be turned into a marine spaceport. This makes it possible for Space Perspective to grow internationally. Spaceports are places where spaceships are launched and retrieved. Space Perspective is now the first global space travel experience company. They can launch from marine-based places around the world as well as from land on Florida’s Space Coast. Their trips to the edge of space are safe and environmentally friendly.

Guice Offshore's Latest Marvel: The Groundbreaking MS Voyager Spaceport

Voyager was named after the Voyager 1 Space Probe mission, which took a picture of Earth from space on February 14, 1990, at the request of astronomer Carl Sagan. It was the first of a planned line of these new types of marine spaceports around the world. Strangely, that picture, which is now called the “Pale Blue Dot,” led to Sagan’s book with the same name and his call for people to “preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.” These are still the words that guide Space Perspective’s work today.

Jane Poynter, founder and co-CEO of Space Perspective, said, “Space Perspective will change your relationship with our planet by giving you the ultimate astronaut experience of seeing Earth from space.”

When we think about our work, we need to have a global perspective. Getting rid of geographical barriers for launch and landing speeds up our goal of making this life-changing event more available to people around the world and in the international market, while also keeping it safe, reliable, and having as little of an effect on the environment as possible.

Plans are being made to include marine-based launches in major global events, and Explorers are in talks with several possible sites around the world to get an amazing view of some of the most famous landscapes in the world.

“We’ve always dreamed of giving people the chance to see the most amazing natural sights from space, like the Northern Lights, the boot of Italy, the Nile Delta’s sheer size, and the Bahamas’ deep blue waters.” “Marine spaceports like the MS Voyager make this possible,” Poynter said.

The operational flexibility of MS Voyager and the planned Marine Spaceports for Space Perspective give the company the tools it needs to grow its business more quickly and reach a world market for commercial space travel that analysts recently said could be worth over $8 billion by 2030.

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Marine Spaceports make perfect launch conditions in two ways: they move with the sea breeze so there is almost no wind across the deck, and they navigate to areas with good weather so operations can happen all year in the same area. This makes it possible for Explorers to take off more often and at different times of the day, such as at sunrise or sunset for stargazing trips.

“The Space Perspective team is very proud of this important milestone. It shows that our engineering is cutting edge and that we can quickly expand our offer around the world.” “We’re thankful for our huge group of dynamic, top-notch operational partners,” said Taber MacCallum, founder, co-CEO, and CTO of Space Perspective.

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