Hoodoo’s Snowy Kickoff: A New Season of Skiing Excitement Unfolds!


Cybersecdn- The Hoodoo Ski Area has officially launched its latest season, marking the most delayed opening since 2014, yet doing so with a spectacular snowy flourish. Over three feet of fresh snow has blanketed the slopes, setting the stage for an exceptional winter sports season. The current snow base, exceeding 48 inches, has not only uplifted the spirits of ski enthusiasts but also promises a plethora of winter activities in the coming months.

This remarkable snowfall has been met with optimism and excitement by both the management and visitors of the Hoodoo Ski Area. The abundance of snow not only enhances the skiing experience but also contributes significantly to the local economy by attracting tourists and winter sports aficionados from various regions.

Hoodoo Ski Area Kicks


Skiers and snowboarders are particularly thrilled, as the conditions allow for a wide range of slopes and trails to be fully operational. The forecast suggests continued snowfall, raising hopes for a sustained and vibrant ski season. This optimism is not just limited to recreational aspects but also extends to the anticipated economic benefits for the local community, which relies heavily on the ski season for revenue.

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Hoodoo’s successful opening amidst challenging weather patterns in recent years underscores the resilience and adaptability of winter sports destinations in responding to climate variability.

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