How a Former Red Sox Player Was Found Guilty of Child Sexual Sting in Florida?


Several people were apprehended during a five-day Florida child sex sting operation known as “Operation Valiant Knights,” including a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

According to inmate records maintained by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Austin Maddox, 33, was taken into custody on four counts, one of which involved traveling to a meeting after utilizing a computer to approach a kid.

A video of the event shows that the former MLB righthander was arrested on April 28 while attempting to enter a house where he thought an underage female was waiting for him.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office video captures Maddox getting out of his red Ram pickup vehicle and making his way toward the residence. Maddox was tackled by police as they stormed out the front door.

Maddox is still being held, per the jail records. He has no anticipated release date and is awaiting trial.

According to the police documents, Maddox had conversations on the chat website Skip the Games with a girl he believed to be fourteen years old. The conversation’s content has been redacted.

According to investigators, Maddox “expressed a desire to commit lewd acts” and remarked, “That’s young, baby,” upon discovering the girl’s age. That gets me into trouble. You’re not even a driver. Will you spend the entire night with me?”

In a video that showed the arrest, a sheriff’s official stated that a K9 had to be involved.

The police report stated that Maddox was hurt during the arrest but that “the suspect did not make any statements while being taken into custody.”

“Medical marijuana gummies” and a “vape cartridge in dispensary package” were also found by police in Maddox’s car.

In order to be released, he must pay $300,012 toward all four charges. Maddox was detained for flying to a meeting after utilizing a computer to entice a child to participate in sexual activity, for using a two-way communication device without authorization, and for encouraging behavior that involves a child engaging in sexual activity.

How the sex sting was carried out

Maddox was apprehended as part of a wider operation that apprehended 27 individuals who believed they were conversing online with minors. Rather, they were speaking with detectives from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

During a five-day sting known as “Operation Valiant Knights,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and its federal, state, and local partners, through the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, apprehended the accused.

The Sherriff’s Office claims that those who are arrested face a lengthy list of offenses, which includes human trafficking.

Once the accusations are finally filed, Maddox’s counsel informed the Associated Press that he intends to submit a not guilty plea.

who is Austin Maddox ?

Maddox, a baseball player for the University of Florida Gators while attending college, is originally from Jacksonville.

The Red Sox selected him in the 2012 draft.

The majority of Maddox’s baseball career was played in the lower leagues. During the 2017 season, he made 13 appearances for the Red Sox before being sent back to the minors to heal from shoulder problems.

In 2019, Maddox was cut from the team.

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