ICE Operations Lead to Arrest of Colombian Fugitive in New Jersey!


CybersecdnFederal authorities have apprehended a convicted killer who escaped prison and sought refuge in New Jersey. Miguel Angel Hernandez Moreno, originally from Colombia, fled his home country in September 2017 after being on a 72-hour furlough from prison, where he was serving a 22-year sentence for homicide. While the details about the victim remain undisclosed, Hernandez Moreno’s illegal entry into the United States adds another layer to his criminal profile.

Authorities were initially unsure about Hernandez Moreno’s entry into the US, but it was confirmed that he had done so unlawfully. Despite his illegal status, he managed to evade detection until December 2023 when he was accused of making terroristic threats in Jersey City. Surprisingly, local authorities released him before Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could request a detainer, although there seems to be a discrepancy regarding his capture and release by Hudson County authorities.

ICE Operations Lead to Arrest of Colombian Fugitive in New Jersey

Following his release, Hernandez Moreno made his way to New York City, where he was eventually captured by ICE Newark officers in Queens on December 27. After an immigration judge ordered his removal in January, ICE Philadelphia completed his deportation this month, removing him from the country.

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This incident underscores the challenges posed by fugitives who illegally enter the US, evading justice in their home countries. ICE’s efforts in apprehending such individuals are crucial in ensuring public safety and upholding the law.

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