Indiana Day Care Director Jailed for Administering Melatonin Gummies to Children


A former Indiana day care director has been sentenced to six months in jail for administering melatonin gummies to children without obtaining parental consent. 

Last year, Tonya Rachelle Voris, 53, faced serious charges including 11 felony counts of neglect of a dependent and six misdemeanor counts of reckless supervision by a child care provider.
She admitted her guilt on Friday and received a six-month jail sentence.

Voris provided the children with gummies to help them rest peacefully during their nap time under her supervision.
She was employed at the Kidz Life Childcare Ministry at New Life Church in Cumberland, located just outside of Indianapolis. 

As per the affidavit, a concerned parent approached Voris seeking assistance in helping her child sleep during nap time by providing pediatric-strength melatonin.
Voris was pleased with the effectiveness of the gummies and immediately started giving them to children without obtaining parental consent.

Children’s Reactions Trigger 


MIAMI, FLORIDA – APRIL 26: In this photo illustration, melatonin gummies are displayed on April 26, 2023 in Miami, Florida. According to a recent study, melatonin gummies may have different doses than the packaging says, making them potentially dangerous for people taking them as a sleeping aid.


The children reportedly experienced side effects, although the specific symptoms remain unclear.
A pastor at the church reached out to the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department following a conversation with another daycare employee who informed him about the incident. 

During that time, Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton emphasized the importance of parents being aware of the various side effects caused by the gummies.

According to court documents, parents of children at the daycare center later informed detectives about their children’s difficulties sleeping through the night, erratic behavior, irritability, and headaches.
A concerned parent shared that their 1-year-old child experienced a skin rash, which is often seen as a typical allergic response to the supplement.

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