Instagram Buzz: Noah Cyrus Goes Commando, Fans React!


Cybersecdn Noah Cyrus didn’t get a lot of good comments when she posted an edgy outfit on Instagram this week. Fans did not like that the 22-year-old singer and sister of pop star Miley Cyrus wore a modern, Yeezy-style outfit with a skintight two-piece. They also did not like that her behind was showing.

Going nude and showing off her behind, Noah showed off her fit body in what some might call a super-stylish streetwear outfit, but fans are saying this is “not needed.”

Noah first stood facing the camera in an off-white, beige, and black crop top from the sustainable brand PROTOTYPE. The top showed off her curvy hips and flat stomach. The background had loud prints that broke up the white space.

Along with a pair of slightly worn, unwashed-effect leggings that matched, the Grammy nominee wore low-rise jeans and finished off her look with a pair of matching heeled boots. She also wore a jacket that matched over one arm.

Other pictures of Noah showed more skin. She was wearing the same outfit, but she looked like she was going nude. The flap-down style of her pants showed a lot of her behind.

This level of skin was said to be “not needed.” With light makeup on her face and her dark hair slicked back, Noah stood in a Fashion Show area, a hallway, and on a bed next to which a pack of cigarettes and a lighter were seen. Noah put the word “PROTOTYPE” in the description.

There are now more than 2,000 comments. One fan said, “What a stupid outfit,” and more than 3,000 others agreed. “Love you girl, but this one’s not it,” read another common answer.

A lot of fans didn’t seem to be pleased by the naked show. One of them was, “No, why is your crack hanging out” “I wish someone would tell you how wonderful and beautiful you are.” Another person said, “All this stupidity is not normal or needed.” They were probably talking about Noah’s recent posts that have pushed the limits of what is acceptable for boys to wear.

Luckily for Noah, some fans were on his side. “Let her be who she wants to be,” someone told the singer. (If you don’t like it, stop following it)” by one person. 5.9 million people follow Noah on Instagram, and celebrities like Britney Spears and Veronika Rajek are among them.


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