Intense Debate: Drugs, Weapons, and Large Amounts of Cash Seized by Joint Florida Strike Force!


Cybersecdn- Operation Safe Highways, a concerted effort led by multiple Florida agencies, has recently concluded its ninth operation for the year with remarkable success. The operation, spearheaded by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and the Florida National Guard Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force, alongside various Sheriff’s Offices and Homeland Security, focused on detecting and deterring criminal activity on major roadways within four North Florida Counties – Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa.

The operation’s outcomes are significant, highlighting the effectiveness of collaborative law enforcement efforts. A total of 71 traffic stops were conducted, leading to 18 drug charges, 22 felony charges, and 7 misdemeanor charges. The strike force successfully made 15 arrests.

The seizures included 41.1g of cocaine, 955.5g of marijuana, and three firearms. Impressively, the total assets seized amounted to $754,317. Executive Director Dave Kerner emphasized the operation’s success as a testament to the dedication of multiple agencies working under Governor DeSantis’s direction.

The operation aimed to protect Florida from dangerous narcotics, weapons, and criminal activities.  FHP Colonel Gary Howze II highlighted the focus on targeting dangerous criminals on Florida roadways, with each arrest and seizure preventing potential victimization, harm, or even death.

Intense Debate: Drugs, Weapons, and Large Amounts of Cash Seized by Joint Florida Strike Force!

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The operation reflects Florida’s commitment to proactive enforcement and the protection of residents and visitors from criminal activities. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Mark Glass expressed pride in the law enforcement professionals’ efforts to keep criminals off the streets, contributing to the safety of Florida’s communities.

He acknowledged the support from the state’s Governor, Cabinet, and lawmakers in their mission. Operation Safe Highways began in 2022 at the direction of Governor Ron DeSantis and has been a key initiative in maintaining public safety and combating crime on Florida’s roadways.

The operation’s success not only demonstrates the agencies’ effectiveness in law enforcement but also underscores the ongoing challenges and complexities in addressing drug trafficking, weapon-related crimes, and overall public safety.

Intense Debate: Drugs, Weapons, and Large Amounts of Cash Seized by Joint Florida Strike Force!

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