Intense Debate: NYC Serial Stabbings: 27-Year-Old Hospital Employee Arrested!


Cybersecdn- A 27-year-old hospital employee from the same borough was identified as the insane guy apprehended for an alleged stabbing spree in Queens over the previous two weeks, according to sources within the law enforcement agency.

The New York Police Department launched a frenzied search for a suspected stabber on Wednesday. Police believe Rigueur arbitrarily targeted at least five victims in the World’s Borough, and he allegedly smiled in one victim’s face after stabbing them. Rigueur was apprehended on Thursday.

According to authorities, Rigueur, a resident of Queens, is employed as a receptionist at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn. He remained free of charges as of Thursday morning. According to the authorities, Rigueur allegedly stabbed all five victims with a hunting knife, leaving them with wounds and bleeding.

A 61-year-old grandpa was stabbed in the back on his way to the laundromat on January 8th, setting off a series of random attacks. The victim informed The Post that the assailant turned and grinned at him before walking away after stabbing him from behind.

NYC Serial Stabbings

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, after finishing her shift at LaGuardia Airport with the Transportation Security Administration, 34-year-old Shaneka Anderson was stabbed while walking home. As police launched their search for the serial killer on Wednesday morning, they were alerted by three more victims who had been knifed.

At a news conference that same day, the NYPD issued a warning and released photos of the suspect, Rigueur, before taking him to jail that night. Early Wednesday, January 17, 2024, a dry cleaner on Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens, was the scene of a random stabbing, as captured on surveillance footage.

Earlier on Wednesday, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell issued a warning about a person who is using a hunting knife to randomly stab people as they go down the street. The person has not been identified.

Caban warned that the man was “armed and dangerous” according to the police commissioner. Police are also looking into whether the same suspect assaulted a man on a Brooklyn subway station on Wednesday, in addition to the five slashings.

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New York City police responded Wednesday to one of the stabbing scenes. Gonçalo Gregory Members of the neighborhood were already on edge before the case broke. Near the area of 134th Avenue and Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, where two individuals were assaulted on Wednesday morning, resident Raymond Coombs expressed his newfound anxiety, saying, “I’ve never been nervous around here before but now I am.”

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