Investigation Ongoing After Human Remains Discovered in Tujunga Wash by Hiker in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA: A human body was discovered by a hiker in the Shadow Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The body was found buried in the bed of the Tujunga Wash flood control channel.

Early on Thursday morning, at approximately 8:30 a.m., the body was found in a remote part of the San Fernando Valley, which is well-known for its dry washes and abrupt floods.

Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Fire Department was present to aid with the recovery of the remains, there was no instant information regarding the cause of death or whether or not the authorities suspected any kind of foul play.

It has been stated by KTLA that the hiker, who has not been recognized, has informed the authorities about the discovery; however, as of yet, there is no identifying information surrounding the victim, including neither their gender nor their age.

A further factor that made matters more complicated was the fact that the body was discovered in conditions that hid its traits, making it difficult to identify it initially.

In a statement titled “Agency Assist,” the Los Angeles Fire Department elaborated that they were providing assistance to the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Medical Examiner in the process of removing the body that was found in “remnant floodwater” within the constraints of the channel.

Investigators from the Medical Examiner’s Office have been given the responsibility of conducting an autopsy in order to ascertain the identification of the deceased and the reason for their passing.

Authorities are currently investigating the discovery of human remains in the Tujunga Wash area of Los Angeles. The cause of death is being looked into as part of the ongoing investigation.

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