Justice Served: Ohio Man Penalized for Sinister University Shooting Plot!


CybersecdnAn Ohio man, identified as Tres Genco, aged 24, has recently been handed a severe sentence of 80 months in prison for his involvement in a chilling plot to carry out a mass shooting targeting women at a university. This sentence, pronounced after Genco pleaded guilty in October 2022 to attempting to commit a hate crime, marks a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding his heinous intentions.

Genco’s admission of guilt sheds light on the disturbing subculture he associated with, known as “incels” or “involuntary celibates.” This online community, characterized by its toxic misogyny and resentment towards women, served as a breeding ground for Genco’s violent fantasies. His active participation on an incel website from July 2019 to mid-March 2020, where he posted hundreds of times expressing his intent to harm women, underscores the extent of his radicalization.

The details of Genco’s manifesto, in which he expressed his desire to “slaughter” women out of hatred, jealousy, and revenge, send chills down the spine. His reference to death as the “great equalizer” speaks volumes about the twisted mindset that propelled him towards committing such atrocities.

Justice Served: Ohio Man Penalized for Sinister University Shooting Plot

Law enforcement’s discovery of a note outlining Genco’s aspiration for a staggering kill count of 3,000 people further underscores the severity of the threat he posed. Additionally, his procurement of tactical gear and weapons, including a bulletproof vest and Glock magazines, along with his surveillance activities at an Ohio university, provide tangible evidence of his intent to carry out a mass casualty event.

Genco’s arrest by federal agents in July 2021 undoubtedly prevented a potential tragedy, sparing countless lives from the horrors he envisioned. However, his case serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers posed by individuals radicalized online and the urgent need for proactive measures to combat extremism and prevent future acts of violence.

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As society grapples with the complexities of online radicalization and the proliferation of hate-fueled ideologies, Genco’s sentencing serves as a beacon of justice and a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding public safety and protecting communities from the threat of domestic terrorism.

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