Management of Security Information and Events in Cybersecurity!


Cybersecdn- When it comes to safety, there are often too many records to look over by hand. To handle this, you need artificial intelligence or AI. SIEM can get logs from any system and use AI to look for trends that could mean your system has been hacked. ‘Security information and event management’ is what SIEM stands for. This method can look at logs from across an entire company. You can also have an IDS, or Intrusion Detection System, that can go off when someone first tries to break into your computer system.

SOAR, which stands for “Security Orchestration Automation Response,” is another system that uses automated runbooks (which respond to events automatically) and playbooks (which review responses to security events in both human and automated ways).

Management of security information

All of these things happen before code reviews, which are peer reviews of the codes that were written. For code reviews, the plan usually goes like this: planning, outline, prep, meeting, rework, and then a follow-up. The number of covered tests should be split by the total number of tests to get a measure of test coverage for code tests.

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Logs come in many forms and types. For example, firewall logs look for strange traffic, web server logs look for attacks like SQL injections, database logs look for big malicious queries, and router logs look for illegal data flows. All of these tools make it easier to keep track of events and make security reports.

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