Meghan Markle Is Worried About Their Spending and Lower Incomes, Says Someone Close to Her: Said an Insider!


CybersecdnEver since her job took a setback, Meghan Markle has been very worried about her money and the possibility that she could lose everything. The sudden end of their $25 million Spotify deal was a big blow to the Duchess of Sussex. The Mirror said this.

Concerns have grown since the boss of Archewell Productions quit, which has led to rumors that the couple has spent all of their money. A source told Closer Magazine that Meghan Markle is being proactive because she knows how bad the financial situation is and it makes her very angry.

They are in a tough financial spot because they spent too much and didn’t make as much as they thought they would.

They need to meet the terms of their Netflix deal within the next year. The pressure is very real. According to the source, the couple is now in a “crunch time” where they need to make excellent material and impress Netflix to keep their job.

Meghan Markle

People are feeling tense because the Sussexes are supposedly “scrambling” to get content approved while also looking for other ways to make money to pay for their rising costs. With worries that the deal with Netflix might not be renewed after 2025, Paramount Pictures could offer a “lifeline.”

Recently, the Sussexes went to Jamaica to see the premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” at the request of Brian Robbins, CEO of Paramount Pictures. This led to rumors of a possible relationship.

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The fact that Robbins is said to be friends with the Sussexes and that they both live in Montecito leads to rumors about possible chances with Paramount Pictures. This gives people who are worried about their finances a glimmer of hope.

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